Windkeep Christmas Revel

UPDATE January 12, 2020


We could not squeeze in a time to get together before Christmas so come to the Windkeep After Christmas Revel on Saturday, January 18th at 11:00am. There will be a potluck lunch so please bring a dish and your feast gear. In addition to the good food and great conversation, there will be dancing and game playing. We will be playing dirty Santa so if you wish to participate, please bring an unmarked wrapped gift that is SCA related that is less than $20.


The Shire of Windkeep is having a Christmas Revel on Saturday January 18, 2020 at the Cross T Cowboy Church in the former Saddle Tramps Clubhouse at 9141 Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, Wyoming at 11:00AM til 11:00PM.  Please bring a covered dish to share, your feast gear, beverage.   There will be a :Dirty Santa Exchange"  Please bring a wrapped gift for each adult.  Gift limit is less than $20.00.  More information latter, check back often.


Rules to the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange 

The rules to the game are simple. Start off by placing the gifts in a central location where players can easily access them and make their selection.


  1. Decide who starts first. There are several ways to do this. Typically, everyone draws a number from a container and each guest then plays in sequence according to the number that they drew.

  2. Player 1 picks a gift from the central pile, opens it and shows it to everyone. The fun here is in the gift itself and the reaction of the recipient.

  3. Player 2 has a choice of either selecting an unopened gift from the pile or doing the dirty by taking the opened gift from Player 1. If Player 1's gift is stolen, then they must select another unopened gift from the remaining pile.

  4. Each subsequent player has a choice. They can either select an unopened gift from the pile, or take an already opened gift from any of the preceding players. In the event that their gift was stolen, the previous player can select another unopened gift from the pile or select one of the opened gifts from the other players (however, they cannot take back from the person who just took from them).

  5. The game ends when the last unopened gift is selected.


Travel north on Yellowstone road, church access in on the right one turn before Ridding Club Road.  Church is the building on the hill well back from the road with dirt access road.

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